We witnessed a heavy shower of ‘spells’ in the MPR on the evening of Dec 11th. What a great showcase of talent and effort! Great job to all the participants, and congratulations to the winners! Very special thanks to Mrs Cynthia Parsons for being our pronouncer for the entire evening. Our final winners for 2019-20 are: Tejasvi Sudhakar (First Winner, KG-2nd), Pranav Karthik (First Winner, 3rd-5th), Sylvia Soeun Ji (Second Winner, KG-2nd), Derek Deng (Second Winner, 3rd-5th), Elliott Siebert (Third Winner, KG-2nd) and Sanjana Sudhakar (Third Winner, 3rd-5th).  4th grader, Pranav Karthik will represent our school at the Regional Spelling Bee in Town Hall Seattle on February 29th.